RAD® knows its customers’ requirements

In 1985, Rolf Apel, CEO and founder of the company, left his post as export manager of one of Germany’s best-known wheel manufacturers. He was intimately familiar with the everyday requirements and problems of his customers. He understood the requirements for alloy wheel locks and the problems arising in connection with fast procurement of high quality wheel fasteners.

Based on his experience, Rolf Apel decided to start his own company, producing wheel locks, hexagon fasteners and similar products. Since its foundation, the company has developed a strong image in the marketplace through the acknowledged high quality of its products, optimum flexibility and short delivery times.


In 2000, RAD® purchased new, more suitable premises. All the previous production facilities were combined in a 7300 square-meter site in the industrial area of Bruchsal, with efficient links to highway transport.

A complete facility is now available for production and quality control. The central warehouse includes a packing department, which is located in an adjacent area. All RAD® activities are centrally controlled in the administration building.

Production and quality assurance

RAD’s production facilities are staffed by long-time, well-trained personnel, who guarantee the quality of our products through their product knowledge and attention to detail. Ongoing maintenance in the manufacturing areas help to minimize machine down-time. SPC, FMEA and CPI are permanent elements of our quality assurance program according to VDA6.1.

Final inspections are not restricted to random quality checks. Every single fastener is tested and logged on a PACE test machine to ensure compliance with specifications. By doing so, we completely fulfill the zero fault philosophy that we expect and demand.

Warehouse and dispatch

Our materials resource planning system takes the current market situation into account, ensuring that our central warehouse is always well-stocked and equipped to handle the latest requirements.

The system is linked to provide visibility of both manufacturing and warehousing operations. Our efficient dispatch department fulfills the most demanding customer's schedules with “Just-in-Time” delivery.

Administration and sales

Strategic company management is supported by cutting-edge IT communication resources. Global acceptance of our products - based on our high quality at competitive prices - is the motivation for our sales department to continue increasing RAD’s presence on all 5 continents.

Rolf Apel, CEO

“We have been a successful manufacturer of lug bolts since 1985 and are a reliable, competent and flexible partner to all of our customers.

Our customers’ requirements are the standard of quality for our products and services.

We have established our reputation in the marketplace through timely deliveries, professional assistance and friendly service. We consistently follow this concept in order to master the challenges of the future. With the support of our corporate philosophy we can satisfy customer requirements and establish successful working relationships.”