Hexagon wheel fasteners
RAD® manufactures nuts and bolts for wheels of all sizes and car brands. All fasteners are made by cold-forging from high-quality steel originating from certified steel mills. RAD® keeps a large stock of fasteners. For RAD® no order is too small, and only very few orders will be considered too big. We have almost all types of wheel fasteners in stock. If a special size is required, RAD® can change production in a very short time. And if the customer only requires few items, RAD® makes these virtually by hand.

Product features

  • Wide selection of sizes for all cars
  • Hi-quality cold-forged fasteners, strength class 10.9
  • Short head bolts available
  • All types in stock to ensure prompt shipment
  • Surface coating by Dacromet 500A resp. Geomet 321+VL
  • 240 resp.600-hr-salt-spray test resistance guaranteed

Important notice

Acidic wheel cleaners will damage surface coatings! Do follow the directions for use and the warnings found on the label of the cleaner precisely.