Quality, flexibility and service


RAD® uses only top quality steel from certified steel mills. All wheel fasteners are tempered to strength class 10.9 or 10 according to DIN EN ISO 898-1.

RAD® has developed a whole range of cold-forging tools that can be used to change production within a very short time. This unique flexibility gives the company an extremely large range of production quantities. Because of this, the company can produce both small and large series.

And if only a few units are required, this is no problem for our special machines – as these units are produced by hand.

RAD® has almost every conceivable size of nut and bolt on stock, which means that many orders up to 10,000 items can be dispatched on the same day the order is received. This is a unique service that many of our customers value highly.

Selection is made easy through an extensive detailed dealer catalogue containing specifications of all wheel fastener parts. You can obtain up-to-date information about the assembly details of wheel fasteners of more than 80 wheel suppliers.

Another service specialty: if one our customers loses the code key to his or her Theft Stopper, a replacement is sent, as soon as the order is received. These features make RAD® a truly exceptional supply partner.

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